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1. I would have to agree. A manager at most points is more about process. At the same time though a manager does need to have leadership abilities as Buckley says. 2. I see the employee oriented leader in this structure; as Buckley states you are only a good leader if the employee working for you is better in a sense. Also Fielder contingency model, a match between leader and employee stands out with Buckley and his company. 3. The six attributes are; a. Chart the course; which means planning and strategy. b. Energize and inspire others; which mean to motivate co-workers and employees. c. Demonstrate ethics; which is to be honest, truthful, and equality.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Integrity and compliance; I understand the integrity part, and I feel that is extremely important. Not too sure what compliance is supposed to mean. e. Deliver results; all companies like and need producers. f. Innovate resourcefulness; being resourceful in my opinion, makes a person a huge asset to an employer. A resourceful employee is someone who can be depended on and find new ways to achieve goals. All these can be grown and measured via employee evaluations and performance reviews. 4. This case showed me a different kind of leader. It also pointed out, as did the reading, the difference between a leader and a manager....
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