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1. In my experience the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. The ability to save and pull up past conversations and decisions is always a great thing. In reality email is basically a way to keep track of all that a person may have going on, a record of sorts. A disadvantage, just like with snail mail, is the “junk” mail that can pile up, or people that are overburdened by such things do not check there email enough. 2. In today’s times, and most of us are extremely over worked, and just have way to much going on, I feel email is a must. I for one, rather its Monday of Friday, sometimes lose track of all I have going on and rely heavily on my email to stay afloat. Also, urgent can
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Unformatted text preview: be subjective, and one person might not understand the urgency of a need, and if Friday is a no email day, things could get really backed up. 3. I see how he was thinking, but the problem is that most COO`s do not understand what goes on in the trenches and to make a blanket statement like No email Friday in my opinion is a mistake. I get that none work related banter on email can clog servers, but depending on band width, this should not be a problem. 4. In the most basic sense, they could have there IT department regulate SPAM emails, and also put a limit to how much no official business email takes place. Also putting size limits on inboxs and sent items would help....
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