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MOD_8_QA - environmental protection 200 and I take the...

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1. I would say process. Products are produced at star bucks, all the way until the cup is handed to the customer. In the actual store, the “process” is being improved with the lean way of thinking. 2. The value chain must be managed. Having said that, star bucks is by far the most expensive cup of coffee. So the in reality, the customer is paying for the “quality”. The saying you get what you pay for is true. But in these tough times, it would be nicer, if maybe the “bottom line” could be moved to help customers still afford that cup of coffee, and not lose the quality. 3. In reality, the environment is a very lucrative trend right now. I fully support
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Unformatted text preview: environmental protection!! 200% and I take the extra steps to do what I can to help. But if we look at number 9 under environment, they are saying what a business “should” do. Which I agree with! But maybe they should say what THEY do, and they do. But in reality this is a way to attract more business. Unfortunately in a lot of ways it is more expensive to go green, but doing it does generate more business. 4. Lean manufacturing is a business practice characterized by the endless pursuit of waste elimination. This, I am sure would make the coffee harvested go longer, and roasting times being exact down to the millisecond etc....
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