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Communications Final Essay

Communications Final Essay - Pham 1 Stephanie Pham H Wilson...

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Pham 1 Stephanie Pham H. Wilson IB Communications April 25, 2010 IB Final Reflection Essay On a sweltering hot day last summer, I stepped foot on the Valdosta University campus to move into the dorms for the Governors Honors Program. I can still remember the feeling of exhilaration that I experienced as I unpacked my belongings and became acquainted with my new home for the next six weeks. While I may not remember the small details or specifics of my time in Valdosta, I know without a doubt that it had a significantly lasting impact on me. Not only did I vastly expand my knowledge of literature, I discovered what it was like to be in college. It was difficult for me to come back home after knowing that kind of independence, and especially challenging to return to high school after I saw what life after graduation would be like. Nevertheless, I appreciate my taste of college because it helped me to become motivated for my senior year of IB, as I knew the wonderful things I was to experience after I completed the program. I became very burned out during junior year, and even thought about quitting because the work load seemed endless. However, I noticed that the classes that I took at GHP were very similar in nature to those of IB, and I had no problem adjusting to the higher level thinking skills required of me, which made me hopeful that I would be able to earn the IB diploma. On the last day of GHP, I was extremely sad to leave Valdosta because it was an amazing world that was so much better than high school, but I came home with the knowledge that I would be alright in the
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Pham 2 end. Essentially, I feel that the IB experience has prepared me for college, and I knew that for sure because of how well I thrived at GHP. The most obvious impact that IB has left on me is in academics. Before I began the
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Communications Final Essay - Pham 1 Stephanie Pham H Wilson...

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