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Communications_Final Exam_Reflection Essay

Communications_Final Exam_Reflection Essay - over the last...

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IB Communications Final Exam Reflection Essay For this assignment, you will reflect on your journey through IB. You should— Make a statement about at least 4 different aspects. You can reflect on 4 different courses or 4 different anythings. This is your experience, and only you know what you’ve been through. Think about— How you’ve changed and grown How your thinking in particular courses has changed How you’ve learned to work with others/get along with others/deal with others’ points of view How your capacity for learning and hard work has changed What you accomplished. Your proudest moment. Your least proud moment. The pros and cons of IB The sacrifices you feel you’ve made Anything else you feel you need to reflect on in this essay Introduction—introduce your reflection with an anecdote . Tell us a story about something that happened to you
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Unformatted text preview: over the last 2 years that seems to encapsulate the whole IB experience or one that proves a point. Then give a thesis statement that gives a general argument about your experience as a whole. Body—Discuss at least 4 aspects of your experience—your choice. Be sure to use transitional statements to connect these. Conclusion— In the conclusion, you should look forward to the future. Given these experiences that you’ve had in IB over the last 2 years, how will they affect your future? Word Count—750-800 words. Scoring—This is an essay and it counts for your final exam grade. You should observe all of the conventions of good writing and grammar. Do not take this essay for granted. I will be scoring you on how well you a) accomplish the assignment and b) how well it is written....
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