AcidsBases Lab - • ring stand • buret holder • buret...

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Acids/Bases Lab Stephanie Pham IB Chemistry SL Johnson High School December 17, 2009 Design: Instructor Directions: Investigate the viability of the stock acids and bases. Purpose: The aim of this lab is to determine the viability of the acids and bases in the chemical stock room. This will be done mainly through the titration, a process used to determine the unknown concentration of a solution by reacting it with a chemical with a known reactant. Variables: independent variable - dependent variable - control variables (will be used for the duration of the lab) Apparatus: ( type and size)
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Unformatted text preview: • ring stand • buret holder • buret • small beaker • graduated cylinder Chemicals: • Phenolphthalein • Salicyclic Acid (solid) • White House Vinegar • Sodium Hydroxide (solid) • Sodium Hydroxide (solution) Safety: • This lab requires use of chemical acids and bases. Because of this, safety goggles were worn for the duration of the lab. In addition, after completion of the lab, hands were washed in order to rinse off any remnants of chemicals that may have been on the skin. Procedure: Data Collection and Processing: Conclusion and Evaluation:...
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AcidsBases Lab - • ring stand • buret holder • buret...

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