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Psychology Assumptions Biological All that is psychological is first physiological. .Behavior is based in genetics. Psychology should investigate the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, neurochemistry, and genes It is useful to study evolutionary/sociobiological theory. Behavioral The majority of all behavior is learned from the environment after birth, and so psychology should investigate the laws and products of learning. Only observable behavior, not minds, should be studied if psychology is to be an objective science, since we cannot see into other people's minds, and if we ask them about their thoughts they may lie, not know, or just be mistaken. Cognitive Mental processes can and should be investigated scientifically. Cognitive processes actively organize and manipulate information that we receive - humans are not passive responders to their environment. Non-human animals may be used to help understand human behavior.
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Unformatted text preview: • Models of psychological functions can be proposed Humanistic • Humans are intrinsically good. • Humans have free will. • All individuals are unique and have an innate drive to achieve their maximum potential. • Psychology should study internal experience as well as external behavior. • Psychology should study the individual case rather than the performance of groups. • The whole person should be studied in their environmental context. Psychoanalytic • Psychic Determinism- All behavior has a cause/reason rooted in the unconscious. • Behavior is motivated by instinctual drives. • Different parts of the unconscious mind are in constant struggle. • Personality is shaped as drives are modified by different conflicts at different stages of one's life. • Drives that are constrained will manifest unconsciously. Dysfunction...
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