ME_305_HW_7 - Unless otherwise noted the answers in book are correct 1 Problem 8-43 2 Problem 8-95(Hint choose your control volume to be a closed

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ME 302 Homework 7 Due Friday March 18 by 6:00 PM When solving the following problems, you MUST: start with the generic First Law, Conservation of Mass, and entropy balance; cross out terms based on your assumptions; and integrate (if needed) as discussed and shown in class. You MUST use the tables from the handout or the back of the text book to receive full credit.
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Unformatted text preview: Unless otherwise noted, the answers in book are correct. 1) Problem 8-43 2) Problem 8-95 (Hint: choose your control volume to be a closed system that follows the mass of gas that does not leave the tank) 3) Problem 8-115 4) Problem 8-134E 5) Problem 8-168 (Note: I get kg/s and kW/K) 6) Problem 8-172 (Note: Using the tables and interpolation, I get kW/K)...
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