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ME 302 Homework 9 Due Wednesday April 6 by 6:00 When solving the following problems, you MUST: start with the generic First Law, Conservation of Mass, and entropy balance; cross out terms based on your assumptions; and integrate (if needed) as discussed and shown in class. You MUST use the tables from the handout or the back of the text book to receive full credit. Unless otherwise noted, the answers in book are correct. 1) Problem 10-82E 2) Problem 10-85 parts a and b (no need to do part c) Ans: 1.055 kg/s, 0.0214 kg/s. You MUST show that
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Unformatted text preview: ± ² ³ ± ´ µ¶ · . Hint: When using conservation of mass and the First Law on liquid N 2 choose your control volume to follow the liquid N 2 , don’t forget about the boundary work from the receding surface , and don’t integrate the conservation equations. 3) Problem 11-14 4) Problem 11-17 (I don’t agree with the book’s answer, I get 6.85 min). Use ρ milk = 1000 kg/m 3 , k milk = 0.608 W/m K, and Cv milk = 4180 J/kg K 5) Problem 11-70, Ans: 295.1 K and 300.56 K 6) Problem 11-72, Ans: T(0,5 min) = 361.5 °C...
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