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ME 302 Homework 10 Due Friday April 15 by 6:00 PM When solving the following problems. You MUST start with the generic First Law and Conservation of Mass, cross out terms based on your assumptions, and integrate (if needed) as discussed and shown in class. Note that the answers in the book are all correct. 1) 12-41 (Note: I get 9270 W and 16,210 W) 2) 12-85 3) 12-101 (Ans: Ti =283 K, Ts =276 K, Cost= $18.6, Note: This requires the simultaneous solution of two
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Unformatted text preview: nonlinear equations. If you use software such as Mathematica or Matlab you MUST provide a printout of the code and the output to receive credit). 4) 13-51E (Ans: L =5950 ft, Ts =200 °F) 5) 6-173 (Ans: m in = 1.97 kg, T 2 =342 K, Note: Solving this problem requires the simultaneous solution of three equations and three variables.)...
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