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Oral Test 1 Instruction 1. Choose 1 video clip among the 2 video clips (1. Oral Test 1 Namsan, 2. Oral Test 1 Han River) on CCLE website. 2. You will be introducing the place in KOREAN . You may translate the original clip which is in English. OR you can come up with your own script. 3. You will have to use the following grammar points: a. The speech ending should be Deferential style: ~. /. , ~. /. . ? b. Probability: ~(. ) (Deferential style of ~(. ) ) c. The clausal connective: ~. 4. You should at least say 10 sentences. Recording Instruction 1. Open [Windows Movie Maker] from the Start icon. 2. From the Task bar on the left column, click [Import video]
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Select the video clip from CCLE (course materials). 4. To record, click the microphone icon at the bottom of the program window. Get the headset and do a little test before doing the actual recording. 5. Set the volume level to the second level from the top. 6. Press [Start narration] to record. 7. When finished, press [Stop narration] 8. Save your file by pressing “Publish Movie” from “File”. 9. Play back the saved file. If there is something wrong, or you don’t like it, you may try several times until you get the final version....
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