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Syllabus ECON 11 Summer Session C 2010 Microeconomic Theory Yong Yang Contact Information : Office: Bunche 2265 Office Hour: Mon, Wed at 3:15-4 and Thu at 4-5, or by appointment Email: [email protected] Course Description : A market is a collection of buyers and sellers. While there can be a bargaining procedure between those groups, price delievers the most important information in the market economy. We learn how the price is determined. There are many factors which affects the procedure by which the price is determined. We are also interested in how these factors change the behavior of the two parties participating in the market. These topics will be analyzed with mathematical tools, so it is required and strongly recommended to have a good mathematical background. Textbook : Microeconomic Theory , 10th edition by Walter Nicholson and Christopher Snyder, Thomson South- western. (required) Evaluation A midterm exam will be taken on Monday, August 16th and is worth 40%. A final exam counts the
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Unformatted text preview: other 60% and will be taken in the last class, September 8th. Both are closed book exams. If you miss the midterm, your final score will count %80 of the total. If you miss the final, you shall fail the course with no exception. No make-up exam is provided. • No homework assignment, but some practice questions will be given. • Attendance is not mandatory, but recommended for your thorough understanding. Lecture Plan Week Topic Details 1 Review of Supply and Demand Curves Ch.12 (pp.391-406) Ch.5 (pp.158-169) Ch.12 (pp.419-431) Consumer Choice Model Ch.4 2 Consumer and Demand Chs.5-6 3 Midterm Exam In class on 8/16 Production Model Ch.9 4 Cost Function Ch.10 Profit Maximization Ch.11 5 Market Equilibrium Ch.12 Monopoly and Imperfect Competition Chs.14-15 6 General Equilibrium Ch.13 Make-up for missing 9/6 on 9/3, 1 pm, and another TBA Final Exam In class on 9/8 1...
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