2D Array For - #include #include void...

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#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> void main() { float data2dArray[5][7]; //5 rows 7 cols /* row0-4=person 0-4 col0=rate col1=hours col2=gross col3=base col4=over col5=tax col6=net */ char nameArray[5][20]; //5 elements 19 char max for(int row=0;row<5;row++) { printf("Enter -1 to quit entering information\n"); printf("Enter name: "); gets(nameArray[row]); if (strncmp(nameArray[row],"-1",1)==0) //compare nameArray[row] to -1, by max 1 chars break; printf("Enter hourly rate: "); scanf("%f",&data2dArray[row][0]); if(data2dArray[row][0] == -1) break; printf("Enter hours worked: "); scanf("%f",&data2dArray[row][1]); if(data2dArray[row][1] == -1) break; printf("\n"); fflush(stdin); //calculate overtime and pay if(data2dArray[row][1]<40) //if hours worked less than 40 { data2dArray[row][4]=0; //overtime=0 data2dArray[row][3]=data2dArray[row][1]*data2dArray[row] [0]; //base pay=hours worked*hourly rate } else //if greater than 40 hours in a week { data2dArray[row][4]=(data2dArray[row] [0]*1.5)*(data2dArray[row][1]-40);
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This note was uploaded on 10/05/2011 for the course CS 36 taught by Professor Sethhochwald during the Spring '09 term at Irvine Valley College.

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2D Array For - #include #include void...

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