Function Prototypes

Function Prototypes - void load(); //prototypes void...

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// This program demonstrates function prototypes #include <stdio.h> int x,y,z,sum; //global variables declared outside functions float avg; //can be used anywhere in program // global variables cause side effects: one function messes up another // local variables are declared and can only be accessed inside function //prototypes: tell c++ what functions are coming
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Unformatted text preview: void load(); //prototypes void calc(); //prototypes void print(); //prototypes void main() { load(); calc(); print(); } void load() { printf(&quot;Enter 3 numbers&quot;); scanf(&quot;%d%d%d&quot;,&amp;x,&amp;y,&amp;z); } void calc() { sum=x+y+z; avg=sum/(float)3; } void print() { printf(&quot;The sum is %d\n&quot;,sum); printf(&quot;The avg is %f\n&quot;,avg); }...
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