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// Classes - Object Oriented Programming // A class is a group of related data and functions that operate // on that data. Creating a class is very similar to // creating a struct, we are making a new type, when // dealing with classes, we use objects of this type. #include <iostream> using namespace std; // // Class definition class Student { // // Access Level private: // All parts of the class from the private label until either // the end of the class or until the next Access // modifier will be private. This means that the functions // and variables (members) cannot by altered outside of // the class itself (normally speaking) int ID; int age; // public access level works as the interface to the class // object. Whomsoever can see the object itself can also // see the public features of the class public: // The following function is called a constructor. The job // of the constructor is to build the object and set its // members to the appropriate initial values. Building // sometimes includes allocating memory, setting up
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