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Steve Houseman Page 1 10/5/2011 CS38-Java- Quiz # 3-Summer 2008_Solution Time allowed 30 minutes, Total = 5 points. Instruction: Please complete all 10 multiple choice questions, by marking the correct answer on Scranton (Form No. 882-E). This Quiz consists of three (3) pages. 1. If you have defined a class SavingsAccount with a public static method getNumberOfAccounts() , and created a SavingsAccount object referenced by the variable account20 , which of the following will call the getNumberOfAccounts() method? a.    account20.getNumberOfAccounts();  b .     SavingsAccount.getNumberOfAccounts(); c.    getNumberOfAccounts(); d.    None of the above, you cannot call a static method. 2. When a method’s return type is a class, what is actually returned to the calling program? a. A reference to an object of the class b. Only the values in the object that the method accessed c. An object of the class d. All of the above 3. Enumerated types have this method, which returns the position of an enum constant in the declaration list. a.    position                   b.    toString               c.    location             d.    ordinal 4. When an individual array element is passed to a method. a.
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CS 38-Summer09_Quiz_3_Solution - Steve Houseman Page 1...

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