Lab 5 - Boyles Law

Lab 5 - Boyles Law - BOYLE'S LAW Saddleback College Physics...

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7/07 1 BOYLE’S LAW Saddleback College Physics Department Purpose To compress a gas at a constant temperature, noting how the gas pressure and the gas volume are related, then use a P vs. V graph of this information to verify Boyle’s Law. Theory The cross sectional area, A , of the syringe will be calculated using 2 r A π = , where r = the radius of the syringe. The gauge pressure, gauge P , is the pressure in excess (or deficiency) of atmospheric pressure, Atm P . The absolute pressure is the sum of the gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure. gauge Atm absolute P P P + = The gauge pressure will be calculated using Area Force P gauge = . The following values and conversions may be helpful: Pascal cm dynes psi atmosphere P Atm 5 2 6 10 01 . 1 10 013 . 1 7 . 14 1 × = × = = = 1 Pascal = 1 2 m N 3 3 ? 1 1 1 m ml cm cc = = = (you fill in the blank) Historically, Boyle’s Law was a stepping stone to the Ideal Gas Law. BOYLE’S LAW ( ) 1 tan tan - = = = V t cons P t cons PV or V P V P f f i i P = pressure and V = Volume where temperature, T , is constant and the number of moles of gas, n , is constant.
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7/07 2 Equipment Plastic Syringe with Wooden Base and Wooden Platform on top, masses and rod that passes through center of all masses (one 5 kg mass, two 2 kg masses, ½ kg mass, ½ kg weight hanger (i.e. a total mass of 10 kg), water, calipers, balance
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Lab 5 - Boyles Law - BOYLE'S LAW Saddleback College Physics...

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