Biology Chapter 1 Notes

Biology Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1 Notes Overview...

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Chapter 1 Notes Overview: Inquiring About Life An organism’s adaptations to its environment are the result of evolution - For example, the ghost plant is adapted to conserving water; this helps it to survive in the crevices of rock walls Evolution is the process of change that has transferred life on earth. Biology is the scientific study of life Biologists ask questions such as - How does a single cell develop into an organism? - How does the human mind work? - How do living things interact in communities? Life defies a simple, one-sentence definition Life is recognized by what living things do Emergent Properties result from the arrangement and interaction of parts within a system Reductionism is the reduction of complex systems to simpler components that are more manageable to study For example, studying the molecular structure of DNA helps us to understand the chemical basis of inheritance Systems Biology A system is a combination of components that function together Systems Biology constructs models for the dynamic behavior of whole biological
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Biology Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1 Notes Overview...

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