Chapter 4 - Romantic

Chapter 4 - Romantic - -Ballades are among his longer...

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Chapter 4 – Romantic Period Romantic Characteristic – 19 th Century Bigger = Better o Larger Orchestras (more of every instrument) o Longer Compositions More Movements Form was less of a concern (expanded) Interest in moving an audience through performance o Personal Expression Violins not always melodic instrument in symphonic writing o Less String Dominance Rise of “Strong” sense of Nationalism o Taking stories and setting it to music (Folk Music) Greater Harmonic Exploration o Dissonance, Uncomfortable Sounds Rise of the Modern Piano Baroque Comparison Affection vs. Emotion Over-the-top Ornamentation Harpsichord and Basso Continuo Frederic Chopin 1810 – 1849 - Polish Composer - Wrote almost exclusively for Piano - Character pieces-music that is to evoke a mood, scene or idea - Nocturne, Mazurka, Prelude
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Unformatted text preview: -Ballades are among his longer compositions Classical Comparison • Symphony has 4 movements (Fast, Moderate, Slow, Fast) • Violins dominant melodic instrument • Form, form, form Hector Berlioz • 1803-1869-French Composer-Program Music Bedrich Smetna • Czech Composer • Nationalist • Program Music Chapter 4 – Romantic Period Quiz 160-182 Listen to: Stravinsky – Vocal, Russian like sound, Trumpets, Clarinets, Debussy – Flute, Harp, Violin, Simple Sounding (Texture Exploration) Ives – Piano, and Violin, Complex Sounding Machaut – A Cappella, Old Style, One Voice/ Three Voices, Liturgical Sounding, Medieval des Prez – A Cappella, Medieval, Liturgical, 4 Part Harmonies, Heaven Modern Crumb – Creepy, Count Basie -...
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Chapter 4 - Romantic - -Ballades are among his longer...

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