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Ron W2A3 Narrative Paragraph A week before we were to leave going on vacation to the beach last summer I was hit in the head while mowing grass at my part time job. I was taken in the rescue squad to the hospital (after having to wait 45 minutes for them to pick me up with blood squirting out of my head). I finally made it to the hospital and I had this Dr. that wouldn’t give me any pain medications at all, my head was hurting so badly. And to say the least I received 4 staples and no pain medication and
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Unformatted text preview: was only in the hospital for 30 minutes. Two day later I got an infection in my head because the Dr. didn’t properly change her gloves when leaving and entering my room. I will never go back to this hospital again. Every one in are area say they are the best. WRONG! Luckily I got my staples out the day before we left to go to the beach. I had no other complication from the accident....
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