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Ron_W6A2 - After my long nap I decide to take a walk along...

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Ron_W6A2 The Descriptive Essay A place you know from travel My favorite place that I love to go to is the beach. My favorite thing to do is to sit underneath of my umbrella and rub my feet into the sand, on top the sand is hot and as I keep moving the sand side to side it becomes cooler. I close my eye and relax, take a nap. The only sounds that I hear is the water crashing against the shore, people in the distance talking and the sea gulls singing.
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Unformatted text preview: After my long nap I decide to take a walk along the edge of the water, and see what is going on down the beach. As I walk I see all many people playing football and throwing Frisbees. I start to get hot so the cool waves splashing on my legs feel refreshing. The rough shells make my feet tender so I head back to my chair with the big colorful umbrella. As I sit under my umbrella I smell the salt water on my skin....
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