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Ron_W1A1 - This will open more windows job opportunities...

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Ron_W1A1 Hello my name is Ron Campbell. I currently live in Nelson County Virginia I have lived here my whole life, 32 years and counting. I’ve been married for 11 years. I have three kids’ two boys and girl. This is my second class here at South University; my field of study is in Network Administration. I have worked at my current job for 12 years as a Data Processor for a direct mail shop. My main reason for returning back to school it’s time for a career change. I am passionate about working on computers and learn more about the Network Administration field.
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Unformatted text preview: This will open more windows job opportunities for me. One of my career goals is to one day open my own business. My hobbies include camping, hunting, collecting baseball cards, coaching my kid’s basketball and baseball teams. To get away from every thing I mow grass as a part time job this allows me to earn extra money for family vacations. The most significant thing about me is I want to please every body I don’t know how to say “NO”....
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