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Ron_W4A2 Category 1 Discussion Question 2 “Only Daughter” Cisneros, 539 The expectations that the author had for his daughter was to go to college to find a husband. After six years in college with no husband the father shakes his head and says she wasted all that education. The advantage that she got was able to working on poems and stories, but she wanted her father to interrupt so she could show him what she was writing about. The reason this comment “I have seven sons” bothered her so much was she felt like her father was erasing her.
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Unformatted text preview: Ron_W4A2 Category 2 Discussion Question 1 “On the Rez” Frazier, 561 Most of the time when the Pine Ridge girls’ played games at Lead they would be insulted, the fans feel unwelcome, the gym would be hostile, and the referees would call all the fouls on them every chance they got. The non Indians hated the Indians for many centuries dating back to the Cowboy and Indians stories, and this carried on for many generations....
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