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Ron_W3A2 - I use to complain when I had to go and visit my...

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Ron_W3A1 Category 1 Discussion Question 4 "Two Ways to Belong in America" Mukherjee, 555 I believe that the immigrants are willing to leave their past and family members behind to start a new life in whatever country they have chosen to move to. I do agree with the author about the self-transformation because the price that immigrants will have to pay in become a new citizen is that they most likely have to learn a new language, new ways of living. This can be very traumatic to someone that cannot speak the language of the country that they are trying to become citizen in. Ron_W3A2 Category 2 Discussion Question 4 “Homeward Bound” Wu, 571
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Unformatted text preview: I use to complain when I had to go and visit my relatives on Christmas day. I use to think that Christmas was about getting presents and that my mom and dad were taking me away from my presents. I came to realize that Christmas is not about getting presents it is about spending time with your family and friends. I think that the author would not appreciate people that did not spend time with their family. The benefits of the relationship with your family member getting to know one another, learning about history things that happened when the elders were younger, how things are different day than when they were younger children....
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