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Ron_W1A3 Category 1 Discussion Question 2 The general public did not treat Arthur Ashe any different than any body else. Ashe had his doubt that the public would use “some extra soap and hot water” on his plates or cups. Even though that he know that the virus could not be transferred. The letters that Arthur Ashe found most moving was the ones that “came from the people who had lived through” the AIDS illness, or had loved ones with the same virus. Ashe was glad and grateful that the people took the time to write him. Some of the letters left him humble. Ron_W1A3 Category 1 Discussion Question 4 The reason that I believe Arthur Ashe called his life story Days of Grace is that he was graceful that his family and friends stuck buy his side.
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Unformatted text preview: One of example of grace that he told us about in this article was that none of the companies had dropped him after he came out about having AIDS. Ashe was also graceful that he and Donald M. Stewart got a grant for $5,000 “to support the publication of a handbook aimed students-athletes.” He was also graceful for all the letters that he got from everyone, some of the people that wrote him he had never meet before. Some of the examples of grace that I have are that I have three beautiful children and my family supports me going back to school. I also have good friends and extended family members. And don’t let me forget the most important person is my beautiful and wonderful wife....
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