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Ron_W2A2 Category 2 Discussion Question 2 Yes the author does imply that there is different ways of expressing masculinity. In the story the young man was living what he had learned from his community. This resulted in his death. I would describe “wear your man hood on your sleeve” as being proud of who and what you are and were you came from. It could also be describe as how kind you are to other, how you take care of your family, friends and co-workers. It’s who you are from the inside out. Ron_W2A2 Category 3 Discussion Question 1 I was picked on because I had my ear pierced when I was in high school. My wife’s father and grandfather continually ask me if I wanted any pink panties to go with my ear ring.
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Unformatted text preview: My questions to them was do you need some too! You act like a girl sometimes. I think this was a stereotype because the judged me before getting to know me. Now they don’t pick on me any more. My two boys age 10 and 7 now also have their ears pierced. They tease them now because they know it will make me mad. That was the reason when my boys ask could they get their ear pierced I said that’s fine with me but, you grandpa and great grandfather might tease you because they tease me all the time. So now they pick on them but it’s only jokingly....
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