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Ron_W3A3 - for 8-10 hrs Ron_W3A3 Comparison and Contrast...

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Ron_W3A3 Process Paragraph I will tell you how to careful preparation and make mouth watering smoked barbecue. The first step of making smoked barbecue would be to get two Boston butts. The next step would be to rub some organic olive oil on the Boston butts then rub them with some butt rub (seasoning). Let them set for few hours at room temperature. Why the butts are setting you should get your smoker and your wood ready. Then finally put the Boston butts on the smoker and let them cook
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Unformatted text preview: for 8 -10 hrs. Ron_W3A3 Comparison and Contrast Paragraph Although my father and I are alike, we are two very different people. For instance my father is a mechanic and I love working on computers. My father and I both like to mow grass and be outside in are spare time, spending time with the family, and we also love music. We have a Disk Jockey business together. Although he would rather listen to the oldies and country, I would rather listen to Rap and Rhythm and Blues....
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