Gloria Deal's Advanced Tax Corporation Unit 2 Discussion

Gloria Deal's Advanced Tax Corporation Unit 2 Discussion -...

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Unit 2: Unit 2: Introduction to Corporations - Discussion Topics Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 1 Please respond to these Threaded Discussion Questions. Take time to review the responses of your classmates and provide your feedback. Which of the nontax considerations do you feel is the most important factor of doing business? Why? Topic 2 Let's say you're planning to start a new business. You expect to have losses for the first two years and then achieve significant profits. But in order to grow you'll need to be able to keep the after-
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Unformatted text preview: tax earnings. You also want to limit your liability. How will you structure your business and why? Hi Kara, First off thank you for taking the time to read my post as well as responding to it. Yes I also like that with the S corporation is that it can be treated like the LLC and that you can choose later on you can decide to you can remove the election and the it can be treated like a corporation....
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