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ENG 2313 WORLD LITERATURE TO 1650 SEMESTER: SUMMER 2010 RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT The Works of William Shakespeare Choose one of the following works of William Shakespeare to base your research paper on. Macbeth Othello The Merchant of Venice Julius Caesar The research paper should follow the basic outline below and include appropriate information on the related topics. 1. TITLE PAGE State your theme, the names of people in your group, the date of writing 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS List of topics covered in your paper and page numbers 3. INTRODUCTION Introduce your reader to the topic of your research paper, what aspects you will be covering, and how it should benefit the reader. An overall summary of what you are writing about in the research paper. (Basically this is your thesis statement). 4. BACKGROUND a. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Talk about the author, his life, his other works, what may have influenced him to write this particular piece of writing b. THE SETTING The historical setting (time period, era, place), cultural setting, social/economic setting of the writing you are doing research on
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5. CONTENT A summary of the plot of the story and what happens 6. CHARACTERS List main and sub-characters Brief description and analysis of who they are, what happens to them and possible motives for why they do the things they do Main lessons or ideas which come through in the story and evidence from the story to support such themes. What symbols the author uses and its effectiveness (see attached sheet for more information)
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Research Paper - ENG 2313 WORLD LITERATURE TO 1650 SEMESTER...

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