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PUTRA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE-TROY UNIVERSITY ENG 2313 WORLD LITERATURE TO 1650 SUMER 2010 INSTRUCTOR: MR. JOHN ASSIGNMENT 1: Famous Literary Writers (5%) Choose a famous author from before the year 1650. Write a bio- data about them including relevant details about their life, the pieces of literature that they wrote and why they are famous. Select pictures of the author, their writings or other relevant things
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Unformatted text preview: that can be used in your assignment. • Submit this on an A3 size piece of paper or card. • This assignment is to be done in groups of 4 or 5 persons per group. • DO NOT choose Geoffrey Chaucer or William Shakespeare as these authors will be discussed in class. Due Date: Wednesday, Juny 2, 2010 (Class B) Thursday, Juny 3, 2010 (Class A)...
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