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ARLT 101g Gender and Sexuality in The Holocaust 09/28/11 Shoah Foundation Paper Prompt This assignment requires you to go into the Shoah foundation archives and watch a selection of Holocaust survivor testimonials. The Shoah archive is organized according to survivor categories first. Some categories include fewer testimonials, such as "Survivors of eugenics policies" and "Homosexual survivors," and others have thousands of testimonials such as "Jewish survivors." If you chose Jewish survivors, you are given the option of making a selection of a variety of experiences including witness' religious identity, gender, whether the survivor went to hiding or not, whom they were liberated by etc. In "other experiences" category you will find selections such as "kindertransport," "camp medical experiments," "corpse disposal forced labor" etc. Once you decide what group you would like to focus on, pick three to five testimonials (or three hours of testimonials in full), watch them and compose a three-page essay answering the
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