1.5 - Probability (Solutions)

1.5 - Probability (Solutions) - 1.5 Probability Section 1.5...

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1.5 – Probability 1 Section 1.5 Probability PROBABILITY ANALYSIS allows us to: PROBABILITY ANALYSIS EXPERIMENT: any activity with an uncertain outcome EVENT: one or more outcomes of an experiment SAMPLE SPACE: complete list or representation of all of the possible outcomes of an experiment Estimate the chance of uncertain outcomes Draw generally reliable inferences from sample data
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1.5 – Probability 2 PROBABILITY Dr. Millar owns a chiropractic clinic. He would like to randomly sample a customer from his client list, to see whether or not they have been satisfied with their treatment EXPERIMENT: randomly selecting a customer from the database EVENT: satisfied customer or unsatisfied customer SAMPLE SPACE: Dr. Millar’s entire client list PROBABILITY CLASSIC PROBABILITY: all outcomes are equally likely Dr. Millar has 800 clients (480 male, 320 female) Probability of an event: a total possible outcomes of experiment b total possible outcomes involving specific event a b P(b) What is the probability that a randomly selected client is male?
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1.5 - Probability (Solutions) - 1.5 Probability Section 1.5...

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