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Fall 2011 – PGE 310: Formulation and Solution in Geosystems Engineering Homework #3: Matrix Operation - Working with Input/Output Files – Plotting Due Date: Thursday September 15 th 2011 Do NOT forget to follow the guideline for submitting homework (Attached to the end of this file) 1. Matrix Operation in MATLAB (BY MATLAB) Do the following in the Command Window of MATLAB: a) Create a random 4 3 matrix A , a random 1 4 column vector b , and a random scalar c . (In all of them the random numbers should be between -2 and 4) b) Using colon notation, replace the 3 rd row of matrix A by the elements of vector b. c) Combine matrix A and vector b and create a combination matrix B in which the first three rows are the same as matrix A and the fourth row is composed of the elements of vector b d) Create another 4 4 matrix C with random numbers between -4 and 2. e) Calculate matrix D which is element by element division of B divided by C . f) Using the “ reshape ” command, make matrix D a new matrix E which has 8 rows and 2 columns. g) Using period notation, raise each element of vector b to the power of c (the random scalar created in part a) and store the results in new vector e . h) Save all the variables in a .mat file called myalldata.mat . i) Save matrices B , C and D , and vectors b and e in a .txt file called Values.txt . j) Open Values.txt in notepad and print it out. Print out all your work including all commands and results . 2. Matrix Operation and Working with Input/Output Files (By MATLAB) Imagine that in Engineering Economics course, cash flow statements of three oil companies are given in three text files called: Exxon.txt , Chevron.txt and BP.txt . The data are given over years 2008 to 2010, and they are categorized in four groups: - Operating Cash Flows - Investment Cash Flows - Finance Cash Flows - Effect of Exchange Rate
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PGE 310 - HW 3(1) - The University of Texas at Austin Fall...

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