PGE 310 - HW 5 - The University of Texas at Austin Fall...

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The University of Texas at Austin Fall 2011 - PGE 310: Formulation and Solution in Geosystems Engineering Homework #5: Working with Functions – Review of If Statements and Loop Structures Due Date: Thursday October 6 th 2011 Do NOT forget to follow the guideline for submitting homework (Attached to the end of this file) 1. Function Structure (by HAND) In each of the following, write I. The first line (by hand) of the MATLAB function file that would do the assigned task. II. The command (by hand) to call the function file from the interactive mode. a. I) A function called Discount.m that when sent the future worth of your money (FW), the discount rate (i) and time (t) , the present worth of your money (PW) is returned. II) Call the function when your future worth is 1500, the discount rate is 2% and the time is 24. Store the result in a variable called PresentWorth . b. I) A function called RandArray.m that returns a random 3by4 array called RandomArray and a random scalar called rand3 without sending any input. II) Call the function in a single line, and store returned array in MyArra and MyScalar. c. I) A function called countor.m that plots two graphs of y 2 versus x and x 2 versus y, when sent vectors x and y . II) Call the function for x = 10:0.5:20 , y =20:0.5:30 . d. I) A function called Equilib.m that when sent the external forces (F), the support forces (S) and the momentums (M), summation of forces and momentums are returned in Fx, Fy and MTotal. II) Call and have the function calculate the result for F=[14,20,30], S=[43,12] and M=[50,1,12] . Store the outputs in SumX , SumY and MTotal . Note that for each section, you need to write only two lines: “the first line of the function file” and “calling the function for the given input values” . 2.
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This note was uploaded on 10/04/2011 for the course PGE 310 taught by Professor Klaus during the Fall '06 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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PGE 310 - HW 5 - The University of Texas at Austin Fall...

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