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SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Department of Accounting Course Syllabus Summer 2011 (ten week course) COURSE NUMBER: Accounting 5347 (569) COURSE TITLE: Managerial Accounting Applications INSTRUCTOR: N. R. Quarles, PhD, CPA Professor of Accounting, SHSU Office: 311J Smith-Hutson Building Office Phone: 936-294-1846 Office Hours: M – Th 12:00 – 2:00 Email: [email protected] PREREQUISITES : ACC 3347 (369) and admission to the MS in Accounting program CLASS MEETINGS: This class is a “10 week” summer class that meets 6/07/11 through 8/2/11. The class sessions are 2:00 pm until 5:50 pm on Tuesdays in room 300 of the Smith-Hutson Business Building. REQUIRED TEXT: Management Accounting – A Strategic Focus. Ansari, Bell, and Klammer. Each student will be provided a copy of this textbook for use during the semester. The textbook will be returned to the instructor on the last day of class. Failure to return the book without damage will result in an F in the course regardless of grades on other measurement elements. Gleim CPA Review BEC book and test prep download. Instructions for ordering directly from Gleim are available on the class Blackboard page. REQUIRED HARDWARE: Each student must have a flash drive (1 GB or larger) for use in this class. You should save your outside of class work to this flash drive and bring it to class for review and/or further work. You will also need the flash drive in the class sessions to start/complete in class problems/cases. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course involves the study and examination of managerial accounting applications that address contemporary managerial issues and problems. Case studies and practice exercises are use to examine the theory, concepts, methods, and procedures necessary for managerial accounting to address current business and organizational problems and opportunities. In this regard this course will emphasize the development of a number of skills and abilities including: 1. professional communications skills,
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2. analytical and problem solving skills, 3. critical thinking skills, 4. creative thinking skills and abilities, 5. necessary skills and abilities to deal with unstructured situations, and 6. application of knowledge and skill to produce information. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The basic objective of this course is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to address both conceptual and applied managerial accounting issues by utilizing their knowledge from all areas of business study. Upon completion of this course, students will have learned 1. to identify the elements and issues related to the linkage between the accumulation and reporting of management accounting information and the use of that information to address evolving management issues, concerns, and decision making; 2. to apply their understanding and knowledge in addressing emerging cost accounting topics and their application to practice; 3. to use electronic information resources to accumulate, analyze, classify, and
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