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cs373 fa10 hw2 - Homework Problems Problem 1[Category...

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Problem Set 2 CS 373: Theory of Computation Assigned: September 7, 2010 Due on: September 14, 2010 at 10am Instructions: This homework has two parts. The first part has practice problems from the textbook many of whose solutions can be found in the textbook itself; you must not turn in solutions for these. The second part has 3 problems that can be solved in groups of size at most 3. Please strictly follow the homework guidelines given on the class website; submitions not following these guidelines will not be graded. Recommended Reading: Lectures 4 and 5 and pages 47 through 58 of class textbook. Practice Problems Solve problems 1.7 (a) through (c), 1.11, and 1.16 of class textbook.
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Unformatted text preview: Homework Problems Problem 1 . [Category: Design] Design an NFA for the language D given in Problem 1.48. You need not formally prove the correctness of your construction, but your construction should be clear and understand-able. [10 points] Problem 2 . [Category: Design] Problem 1.31. Hint: Show that if M is a DFA recognizing A then there is an NFA recognizing A R . [10 points] Problem 3 . [Category: Comprehension+Proof] Read problem 1.38. (a) Give formal definitions of all-NFA, acceptance of a string w , and language recognized. [4 points] (b) Prove that L is regular if and only if there is an all-NFA A such that L ( A ) = L . [6 points] 1...
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