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1. How did the problems at Deloitte & Touche occur in the first place? The women who were in the company did not feel like it was a place where they could try to advance. They felt as if they were excluded from mentoring and networking and also family and work issues. The women felt as if the business was being dominated by the men. By excluding the women it pushed them out of the company or rather it made them feel like they were being pushed out of the company. The networking and mentoring concerns were a very large area that had the women upset and leaving the company. 2. Did their changes fix the underlying problems? Explain. Yes I feel that it did fix their underlying problems. By starting these wonderful programs the company showed the women how important that they are to them. The training
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Unformatted text preview: proved that they did want them to be able to advance more as well as showing them that they also knew that their family life was important to the women therefore it was important to the company as well. Also by having the training for all of the partners and managers, I think that it showed the women that no amount of money was too large to prove to them just how important that they are to them. 3. What other advice would you give their managers? Continue to show the women of the company how much they mean. Do not forget the men as well. You do not want them to feel as if they are being singled out. They should also feel just as important as the women, because without both men and women the company would not be able to function as a whole company....
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