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Write a response recommendation analysis of 200 to 300 words of how large firms and small firms might utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands. Provide one example for a large company and one example for a small company of necessary changes resulting from these growing technology demands. Keep in mind that some changes are proactive and others are reactive. Include these two concepts in your recommendation analysis. Discuss some of the pitfalls to avoid in implementing change. In order to meet the growing demands that are in the market today firms should utilize their most important assets, their employees. By concentrating on the employees that they have and making sure that they have the proper training as well as continued training, then they can guarantee that
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Unformatted text preview: they will always have a job for them. Their turn over rates will lower. In order to keep their employees that they have happy they must make them feel like they are an important part of their family. By family, I mean the company as a whole. If you have a happy employee then you will have someone who wants to be good at their job and who is friendly with the customers. When you have people who are knowledgeable and friendly then you will have return customers. Whether your business is centered around the telephone contact or face to face contact with the customers if they are treated rudely and the help that they receive is not very helpful then they will not return....
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