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checkpoint4 - organization at risk legally There is always...

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April Bedgood HRM/240 Strategic relevance : this is important because if an employee is doing a great job, but doing something that doesn't help the company, then they are not REALLY doing a great job as an employee. The problem is communicating the job that needs to be done. Helping the employee understand how their role contributes to the strategic mission of the organization. Compliance with the law : If an employee does not comply with the law they put the
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Unformatted text preview: organization at risk, legally. There is always a challenge here because sometimes laws are complex and difficult to understand and actually very hard to comply with. For instance, has the employee received adequate training on the law and do they understand how to apply it? Laws change constantly so it's vital that you keep yourself up to date on them in order to make sure that you do not break one of them involuntarily....
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