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There are many different ways that you can recruit for my job. Our plant has its own website that we post for people to see that do not work at the plant. We also use the plant website for internal job postings. Along with that we also use the state employment agency to post our jobs. The advantages for all three of the choices are that by using the internet we are opened up to a broader spectrum of people than if we were only posting the jobs in the newspaper. One of the disadvantages of posting on the websites though would be that the people who apply may not
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Unformatted text preview: necessarily be the best fit for the job. Even though they may not have the qualifications or education for the job they can still apply. We could be wasting our time by weeding through the people who would not otherwise be putting in applications. The newspaper is also a way that we post our jobs externally. By posting in the newspaper though we are not able to reach as many people as we can when we post online....
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