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international staffing - fluently as a person who has grown...

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Resources: Review pp.646–654 of Managing Human Resources . · Consider the cultural differences inherent in global business and the geographic obstacles of home office and remote locations being in different countries. Summarize the unique challenges of international staffing. There are many different challenges that could be encountered in international staffing. To me I do believe that the biggest one would be communication. There are many different languages that are spoken in companies that are global. Not everyone can speak a second language as
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Unformatted text preview: fluently as a person who has grown up speaking it. Values and ideologies would be the next biggest challenge, I think. Everyone’s work ethic is different according to where they have grown up, from my experience anyway. Each person struggles with individualism, time orientation, and achievements. Religious beliefs can be a challenge too. Within the company that I work for, there are many different religions. Social structure would be a challenge but I personally do not see it being a major challenge....
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