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Describe in one or two sentences how you will access job analysis and job description information for your selected position. Wanted: Local high school needs a well-spoken librarian. Must be very articulate, with a broad social perceptiveness as well as geared toward helping others. Writing skills are a must since you will be required from time to time to write correspondence letters. Should, be able to instruct students on the ins and outs on how to use the card catalogue and other aids in the library. English language is the preferred language but should also be fluent in Spanish and French. Clerical duties will be expected of you from time to time, will also be expected to monitor large groups of high school for several hours a day. Filing will be a huge part of your work day. Books will be coming in constantly that have to be filed away after they are checked in and must be done immediately. From time to time you will be expected to respond to customer complaints. They are few and far
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