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37tips - Space out you studying throughout the day and week...

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Memorization Tips Create mnemonics Create flashcards Make short lists Take short breaks Processing Tips Draw pictures/charts Label pictures Map ideas Summarize processes Test Preparation Tips Focus on one topic at a time Study the most important or difficult information first Review old exams Create practice exams Outside Sources for Help Meet with ESS staff Go to SI sessions Get a tutor Talk with professors Start a study group Preparation Tips Go to class Find a quiet study space with little distractions Draw timelines for getting things done Study Tips Review material as soon as possible after class Study everyday
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Unformatted text preview: Space out you studying throughout the day and week • Focus on one topic at a time • Learn general concepts first then move on to details • Quiz yourself Note Tips • Rewrite notes • Review notes often • Summarize notes in your own words • Create an exam outline for overall review Reading Tips • Read • Summarize paragraphs and chapters in you own words • Answer textbook questions • Make up possible test questions will reading Practice Tips • Practice vocabulary • Practice problems • Practice experiments 37 Study Tips and Strategies to Incorporate into Your Learning Processes Educational Services for Students (ESS) * 470 Sears * 216-368-5230 * ess.case.edu SuccESS Strategies...
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