ESS and SI Leader Tips for Studying Biology 119

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ESS and SI Leader Tips for Studying Biology 119 ESS has asked our Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders to share their best strategies for doing well with particular courses. Here are their recommendations for Biology 119. 1. Plan appropriate study time for reading, reviewing notes, and practicing problems. Schedule about 2 to 3 hours per hour in class. 2. Read the book and pay attention to important equations. Read before class to better understand the lecture. Read the chapter after class with your notes to help answer questions about the material. Read actively by asking who, what, where, why and how questions about the material. Summarize the chapter in your own words to ensure you understand what you read. 3. Learn how to balance chemical equations until it becomes an automatic process. 4. Memorize any tables or rules that the professor points out. . 5. Do every problem from each week's review sheet. 6. Go to class. Do all homework assignments to avoid getting behind. Playing
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Unformatted text preview: catch up will actually take longer than attending class and doing your work. 7. Take good notes. Rewrite them after class, identifying important information. Review your notes between classes, and on a daily basis. Then when it is time for the test, you are reviewing rather than relearning. 8. Many terms are Latin or Greek. Learn the root origins of words, and these terms will make more sense. 9. Do the questions or review at the end of the chapter for practice. 10. Explain the material to someone else or pretend you are teaching the material to yourself. 11. Go to all review sessions or SI sessions. 12. Create a study group or study with a friend. Quiz each other. 13. Take questions you have to the professor during office hours. 14. Review old tests and create sample test to practice from. 15. Get a tutor if necessary. Educational Services for Students (ESS) * 470 Sears * 216-368-5230 * SuccESS Strategies...
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