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Unformatted text preview: Physical Geography GEO 2200 / Section 2288 Fall 2011 Instructor: Carlos M. Cañas [email protected] INTRODUCTION : This is a study of some of the basic elements of the physical world in which climate, meteorology, and landforms are examined in terms of their natural occurrences, distribution and interrelationships. This class meets the General Education requirements of a Physical Science. LECTURES : Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All three days during period 7 (1:55 – 2:45 pm). Classroom location: PUGH 170 (Pugh Hall. Room 170). OFFICE HOURS : Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3:00 – 4:00 pm) or by appointment. Office location: 3205 Turlington Hall. EXAMINATIONS AND GRADES: All examinations will be held in the lecture room during lecture hours on the stated dates. The two examinations will evaluate your knowledge of each of the two halves of the course, separately. The final examination will therefore only evaluate material presented in the second half of the course. a) Two (2) tests each worth 15% of final grade. #1 Wednesday September 14 (Material covered August 22 – September 12). #2 Wednesday November 2 (Material covered: October 14 – October 31). TESTS will consist of multiple choice questions. b) Two (2) examinations each worth 35% of final grade: #1 Wednesday October 12 (Material covered: August 22 – October 10). #2 Wednesday December 7, (Material covered: October 14 – December 5). EXAMINATIONS will each consist of regular multiple choice questions and multiple choice questions directed to maps and diagrams from course materials. Important Dates for GEO 2200 Fall 2011 September 14, Test #1 October 12, Mid-term November 2, Test #2 December 7, Final Exam GRADING SCHEME: A = 90% or above C = 70-73% A- = 87-89% C- = 67-69% B+ = 84-86% D+ = 64-66% B = 80-83% D = 60-63% B- = 77-79% D- = 57-59% C+ = 74-76% E = 56 or below All grades will be posted on UF e-learning in Sakai web site ( Marks will be continuously updated and tabulation will be provided of your necessary performance in the remaining tests required to attain various grade levels. All of grades from the current and past tests will be posted. Your running total and equivalent percentage will also be shown. By calculations, you’ll get an indication of the mark (as a percentage will also be shown....
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cc2200fallsyl - Physical Geography GEO 2200 / Section 2288...

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