cm6530fallsyl - MET6530: HURRICANES Dr. Corene Matyas...

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MET6530: HURRICANES Dr. Corene Matyas MWF Period 4 in 3006 Turlington Fall 2011 Office Hours Mon. 9:30-10:30 AM, Wed 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Fri 12:30 – 1:30 pm other times BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Office: 3119 Turlington Hall email: please use SAKAI phone: 392-0494 ext. 210 Notes: do not expect an immediate response to your message. I CANNOT return long distance calls – use Sakai. Course Information This course is designed to be a capstone course that utilizes concepts taught in other weather-related courses. We will cover both meteorological and climatological concepts related to tropical cyclones (TCs), and there will be computer-related work with current forecasts, models, and data, and we will use GIS software for some of the analysis. We will use current TC activity to develop an understanding of these weather systems, so please keep in mind that it will be difficult to predict our class activities from one day to the next. If a tropical system is out there, we want to study it! It is assumed that you have a basic understanding of meteorological concepts such as the difference between high and low pressure systems and how clouds and thunderstorms develop. Enrollment in this course acknowledges your acceptance of the information contained within this syllabus. Required Textbooks and Tools Textbook: Hurricanes of the North Atlantic: Climate and Society by Elsner and Kara (1999) Tools: Bring a flash drive or similar portable storage device to EVERY class to save your work Grades and Grading Scale Research Project 30%, Guest Lecture 25%, Maps Discussion 10%, Forecasting 10%, Prolific TC Quiz/Presentation 10%, Quizzes 10% , Participation/Quiz Prep 5% A: 92.5 % or above A-: 89.5 - 92.49 % B+: 86.5 - 89.49%
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cm6530fallsyl - MET6530: HURRICANES Dr. Corene Matyas...

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