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GEO 2242: Extreme Weather Section 1297 David Keellings MWF Period 4 (10:40-11:30) L011 Turlington Fall 2011 Office Hours Mon & Thur 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm, other times BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Office: 3205 Turlington Hall (3rd floor in Geography Dept.) email: [email protected] Note: Do not expect an immediate response via email! For best results – utilize office hours. If you are having trouble with the course, come and see me sooner rather than later so that I can help you. Course Information This course covers introductory information about Earth’s atmosphere, weather development, and extreme weather events. To understand the destructive power of weather events, you must first have a basic understanding of why and how they form. In other words, this is a “science” course, although a background in calculus, chemistry, or physics is not required. This course will help you understand the weather outside your window everyday, and can serve as a springboard towards more advanced coursework in weather and climate. Students will be introduced to basic concepts of the science of weather and climate and current scientific developments in areas such as extreme weather forecasting and global climate change. Recommended Books Extreme Weather & Climate by Ahrens and Samson Course pack from Target Copy, included within the course pack are lecture notes, vocabulary lists, and study questions. Grades and Grading Scale
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dk2242fallsyl - GEO 2242 Extreme Weather David Keellings...

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