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Dr. James H. Williams Room 150 – Chemistry Bldg. January 2010 CHEMISTRY 201 – Spring 2010 THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Course Information Lecture Times: TTH 5:30–6:45 a.m. in NSLL30 Instructor: Dr. James H. Williams Office: Room 150, Chemistry Building Telephone: 852-2733 Email: Office hours: M 1:00-3:00; W 10:00-12:00 & at other times when I am free. Textbook: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 5 th edition; Silberberg Student Study Guide/Solutions Manual for Silberberg text Course description Welcome to Chemistry 201. This is the first semester of the mainstream, General Chemistry course for many students interested in science, engineering, pre-professional, and other majors; this course also fulfills a General Education credit in Natural Sciences. Chem 201 provides an introduction to various aspects in chemistry including compounds, reactions, stoichiometry, gases, thermodynamics, atomic structure, periodicity, and molecular structure. In addition to its academic purposes, the course also covers material relevant to everyday living. This will be emphasized throughout the semester. The prerequisites for this course are a math ACT score of 25 or higher; or, completion of MATH 111 or EAC 100. Students who do not meet any of these criteria should consult with their advisor or with Dr. Williams regarding whether they are adequately prepared. Previous chemistry courses are not required. This course consists of both the main lectures and the recitation sections. The main lectures are large group lectures given by the Senior Instructor, Dr. Williams. The regular course exams are given during the main lecture times. The recitation sections are small group classes and are intended to be more interactive; these are conducted by a Teaching Assistant (TA). The course grade is based on three regular exams (200 points each) ; (1/6 each), a recitation grade (200 points); (1/6), and a Final Exam (400 points); (1/3); the Final Exam is comprehensive. Dates for all exams are on the attached schedule. THERE ARE NO MAKE-UPS for the regular exams. A missed regular exam will count as zero and will be calculated into the course grade as such; a missed Final Exam is an automatic F for the whole course. There are some cases where a student will miss an exam for justifiable cause, such as illness, surgery, etc. In these cases, arrangements can be made so the student is not penalized with a zero. These arrangements must be made with Dr. Williams and should be done in advance of the exam date if possible. If this is not possible, then it is the student's responsibility to contact Dr. Williams promptly thereafter. A miss of a
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Dr. James H. Williams Room 150 – Chemistry Bldg. January 2010
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file (7) - CHEMISTRY 201 Spring 2010 THE UNIVERSITY OF...

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