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1 S PECIAL T OPICS IN I NTERNATIONAL M ARKETING F OR MBA S TUDENTS Professor: Dr. Balbir B. Bhasin Prerequisites: Principles of Marketing and Managerial Economics Required Texts: Global Marketing, Third Edition, by Warren J. Keegan and Mark C. Green, Prentice Hall, N.J. 2003. (ISBN 0-13-066998-9) The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization by Thomas L. Friedman, Anchor Books, May 2000. ISBN: 0-385-40034. Introduction: World trade, international capital inflows and outflows, foreign direct investment, global portfolio investments, technological diffusion, e-commerce and the like are now everyday realities. One ignores these trends only at their own peril. Business executives need to understand the factors driving industries and firms to compete on a global basis and to develop management and marketing strategies and policies to deal with this reality. Although the speed and degree of globalization will vary by industry according to a variety of technological and environmental factors, all modern executives, in any field of specialization, must incorporate a global perspective in the execution of their tasks. As global economic growth occurs, understanding marketing in all cultures is increasingly important. International Marketing addresses global issues and describes concepts relevant to all international business executives, regardless of the extent of their marketing involvement. Course Overview: “The globalization of today’s marketplace makes many new demands on a marketer. Not only are there important decisions to be made about which countries’ markets and segments to participate in and what modes of entry to use, but a marketer must also help formulate the marketing strategies in these countries and coordinate their implementation.” - Johansson
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2 This course focuses on marketing strategy and management within the context of global and international markets. It evaluates cultural differences and aims to enhance your skills in developing and implementing marketing strategies and decision making in international contexts. This Capstone course was developed to provide international business students with an opportunity to study interesting aspects of the international business environment and to improve their capacity to assess and solve international business problems. This course will provide practical experience in conducting research and evaluating opportunities existing in international markets, developing plans for exploiting those opportunities, and examine the risks facing business activities in those markets through implementation of marketing plans. Through discussion, research, and practical activity students will develop the ability to prepare marketing programs that effectively reduce risk and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplaces of the world. In this course you will learn by conducting research on a practical project and attempting to
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international marketing syllabus - SPECIAL TOPICS IN...

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