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1 Fall 2011 GEO3930/6938: Introduction to Medical Geography Credit hours: 3 credits Instructor: Dr. Liang Mao Email: liangmao@ufl.edu Office hour: Wednesday 2-4pm Office room: 3142 Turlington Hall Course Description: Medical geography deals with human-environment interactions and the influence of these interactions on public health. This course provides a board-based, comprehensive survey of medical geography for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students. Course Objectives: Successful students are expected to: 1. Think of health issues from a perspective of human-environment-disease interactions; 2. Understand basic concepts, principles, and approaches that are widely used in medical geography studies; 3. Develop a background for upper-level courses of medical geography. Textbooks and Readings Recommended textbook: Melinda S. Meade and Michael Emch, 2010 . Medical Geography , 3nd ed. New York: The Guilford Press. Tentative schedule Weeks Topics Readings Basic concepts, principles and methodologies 1 Medical science and Geography Triangle of human ecology Textbook, Chapter 1, 2 2 Data collection Measuring diseases Textbook, Chapter 12 3 Methodology design Maps and GIS basics Textbook, Chapter 3 4 Statistical methods Geographies of diseases in natural environment 5 Landscape epidemiology I: Vector-borne disease Textbook, Chapter 4 6 Landscape epidemiology II: Tick-borne disease Paper readings 7 Weather-related health issues Textbook, Chapter 6 Global warming and human health Paper readings Mid-term exam Human health in built environment 8 Transitions and development Textbook, Chapter 5 Human mobility and health studies Paper readings 9 Urban design and health issues Paper readings
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lm3930-6938fallsyl - Fall 2011 GEO3930/6938: Introduction...

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